Longoni B/S-22 3C S20-VP2

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Longoni B/S-22 3C S20-VP2 3banden keu

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Longoni brand is famous worldwide for the fancy Italian design and the exclusive models of billiard cues.
In our wide range of products however we also have entry-level models, some so characteristic that became iconic. One of them is the BS : this style of cue has been introduced in the mid of sixties for the north European markets.
The BS-22 version has the classic french flames structure of all BS ; in this specific model the forearm is made from European hornbeam ( FSC certified ) , the handle is made with Amazaque walnut enriched with a ring in Italian olive wood .
The black rings are made in hard double black linen and the joint is Vp2 stainless steel.
It's actually available standard in two versions : one mainly for libre with 1 s2 c67 12mm laminated shaft , a second one for 3 cushion with 1 s20 e71 11.8mm laminated shaft.