Longoni Composita Graphite Libre 11mm

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Artnr: 106005 24583 Libre

High-end Longoni Composita Libre biljartkeu met 70mm - 11mm Graphite shaft

Levering inclusief complete Longoni Composita gewichtset

Finally the first photos of the celebrative graphite carom cue "Composita".

Made in Italy with the same design of the G94, now with Vp2 titanium.

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Longoni Composita Graphite Libre ceu

The shaft comes with the Longoni Modena ceutip

Adjustable in weight and balance, from 470gr to 540gr: 3lobite installed.

Butt lenght 70cm with 1pc graphite L70 D11mm diam available

Composita is the graphite celebrative carom cue by Longoni. This model has a modulable system that allow anybody to easily adjust weight and balance point. From now on every Composita cue will be delivered with a tool package to extend this feature with additional weights and key wrench, in a practical neoprene bag.


Model which celebrates 25 years from the first graphite cue by Longoni: the G94 launched in 1994. Totally composed with composite fiber tubes (Kevlar and unidirectional graphite) that make it precise and non-deformable: the grip area is covered with real briar-root applied by hand. The weights are variable and the balancing itself can be adjusted through an internal threaded bar. It is equipped with Vp2 joints in grade 5 titanium on a double black linen base.
Available with 700/20 11 and 12 mm shafts suitable for the libre and also for 3 cushions discipline, thanks to the possibility of varying the weight.


24583 Longoni Composita - Graphite Libre #AH03291 / AH03793