Molinari CRMSP18A carambolekeu

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€ 959,00
Artnr: CRMSP18A

Molinari CRMSP18A biljartkeu met Predator Vantage 3C shaft 11.8mm

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Op voorraad

Standard Tip:

Predator Victory




Vantage 3C, length 695 mm, standard 11.8 mm


Uni-Loc® Titanium joint with Quick Release

Joint embedded in Phenolic for a solid, durable feel.

Butt construction:

Eight points. Full-splice with black/maple/black/dark bue trim veneers on the four long points and back/maple/light blue/ dark blue/black trim veneer on the four long points accented with white Micarta, on a black maple forearm. The same configuration of points is "rever-semirrored" on the short black maple sleeve. The black maple handle and butt sleeve are accented with blue veneer rings

Screw-in bumper


Standard dry weight 500 - 520 gram

Weight adjustment:

Uni-Loc cartridge system allows weight adjustment with increments of 2,85 gram

(weight kit sold separatly)


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