rubberband Kleber Klematch P37 - 2.30 meter

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Kleber bandrubbers staan bekend als een van de snelste rubberbanden



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Op voorraad

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Voor biljarts met de speelmaat 230x115cm

3 Lengtes nodig per tafel


n carom tables, different profiles are used as compared to the pool billiard due to the different ball sizes and the necessary properties of the cushion. Rubber cushions in carom are generally replaced much more frequently than it is necessary with pool tables, because it is a key element in carom games. Even if the rubber still looks in good order, a loss of elasticity is possible over time.


he strips obtained by molding have a profile with a more regular geometry. That is why we use this method instead of extrusion for the manufacture of the KLEMATCH® cushions.
The cushions’ profile regularity obtained by molding allows players a game with greater accuracy. A molded strip manufactured from the finest rubber mixtures like a KLEMATCH® cushion, allows players to combine performance and accuracy for optimum satisfaction with a maximum service life.